For anxiety + feeling overwhelmed

Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and stressed; three things that people often feel, multiple times throughout their life. These are  things that I know, for certain, my classmates and I have been feeling lately thanks to trying to balance assignments, group work, actual work, social lives, and a somewhat functioning sleep schedule. This is why I figured, why not start here?!

Possibly my absolute, all time favourite song for when I’m feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed is an ambient masterpiece by Jon Hopkins. (As a side note, Jon Hopkins is probably one of my favourites, if not favourite, for when it comes to feeling any of the more “blue” moods.)

One of the most difficult things about feeling stressed and overwhelmed, for me at least, is feeling every part of your body and mind being tense. It’s like you’re a spring that has been wound too tight and you just want a release and be able to relax again; except you can’t seem to get there. This is where “Immunity” is an absolute godsend.

Right from the beginning, the track is slow, soft, and ultimately inviting. It gives off this feeling of safety and comfort, before starting into chords that are slow, but steady, and slowly help to unwind that built up tension in your body. This is the kind of track that makes your brain stop and reminds your lungs to begin to breathe slowly, in and out, again. Lasting almost 10 minutes, it’s the perfect length to give your brain a break, while also being able to reset.

Around two minutes in, Hopkins grows and showcases the melody in a way that adds to the warmth and comfort; he finds a way to tell your brain that it’s okay, simply through the music he’s consciously creating. Listening carefully, you can hear the addition of soft bells, that bring you back to a time when your biggest stress was which crayon to use. Right after that, is the ethereal voice that seems to sing a language that you don’t understand, but speaks to you in a way that has that completely melts the tense feeling away, and leaves relaxation and comfort.

Without fail, by the end of the exactly nine minutes and 56 seconds my body has forgotten how to hold all the stress it had previously, my mind is floating in this pool of knowledge that I can do what needs to get done and that I will succeed.

Let me know if this track works as well on you, or what other tracks you use to help with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed!

À la prochaine,

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