For frustration

Frustration. Something everyone’s dealt with thanks to fights with people, a bad day at work or school, or any other combination of difficult situations. It’s these moments that can leave you with pent up energy, feeling like you need to do something to be able to calm down.

Instead of getting into an unnecessary argument with someone or letting yourself react immediately, let the heavy beats and even heavier bars off “Don’t Like.1” be your stress release. (Be warned that this track has strong language and may not be for everyone)

Featuring the likes of Kanye West, Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss, and Big Sean, this track demands to be played at max volume. From the beginning, the lyrics are an indication that this is the perfect track to listen to when you just need to let off some steam. After all, what better way to feel better than listen to a track that talks all about what everyone doesn’t like.

Pusha opens the track with a verse that isn’t necessarily loud but is strong enough to know that everyone’s verse means business. Once the beat comes in, all you want to do is rap along with Pusha, and sing along with Chief Keef, while forgetting what you were so frustrated about in the first place.

The boys on this track have a way of rapping so strongly that it’s like they’re talking about everything that got you going in the first place. Combined tListening to “Don’t Like.1” is an audio alternative for going to the gym to pick up and put down heavy things.

The beat shift right before Big Sean’s verse and Jadakiss’ closing verse really brings this feeling home, that it doesn’t matter what had you frustrated in the first place because it won’t stop you or what you’re doing.

If hefty beats and a more angry rap track isn’t what you go to when feeling frustrated then let me know in the comments what you listen to instead!

À la prochaine,


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