For happiness

When we think of happiness, we generally think of brightness; our minds wander to sunny days with little to no worries and a calm atmosphere. While everyone has their own happy place, the one thing they all have in common is that it brings some sort of light into your life as a way to combat whatever darkness or heaviness you have in your life.

Anjunadeep’s Lane 8‘s remix of “Home” by Icarus featuring Aurora is that light shining in the darkness feeling, but in song form.


The “happiest” thing about this track is its absence of overly heavy musical elements. Even the bassline, which is the generally the heaviest element of a track, remained light enough to maintain the warm and happy mood of the track. All of this is thanks to Lane 8’s incredible ability to build and maintain a mood, through the careful selection and combination of elements.

The theme of lightness and warmth is conveyed right from the opening notes, which are quiet and soft but still come off as playful and inviting. As the track builds and more elements are perfectly layered, you can feel this growing sense of comfort and happiness. The combination of the lyrics, which speak about home, and the smooth melody act like a warm cup of tea on a cold night; you’re unsure as to how exactly they work so well at making you feel happy, but you just know that they do.

Aurora’s vocals contribute perfectly to the theme and emotion. They are soft, yet powerful, in a way that isn’t overwhelming or at all in your face. Her tone combined with the simplicity of the lyrics allows you to simply feel instead of overthinking and analyzing.

With just enough time to put a smile on your face, “Home” is the perfect track to listen to while curled up in bed, after an amazing day out, reminiscing on all the good things in your life.

Do you have a track that acts like a warm cup of tea? Let me know below!

À la prochaine,



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