For stress

For those of you reading the title and thinking, “Hey Kaylene…didn’t you already write a post similar to this?” I want you to stick with me through this one. On one hand, I’m writing this from a slightly selfish place, seeing as how many of my classmates and I are fully struggling to stay afloat in the sea that is our program and we need all the help we can get. On the other hand, I know that while stress and anxiety often go hand in hand, I also know that not everyone feels or deals with things in the same way. This post is to give you a more motivational, feel good, “you’ve got this” track.

Allow me to introduce to you, dear friends, the godfathers of trance, a.k.a Above & Beyond, and their stunning single “Peace of Mind” that features the extremely talented Zoë Johnston.

From the beginning, this doesn’t necessarily seem like a fitting song to listen to when stressed out, but it’s not the beginning that makes it work. The most compelling element of this track is Zoë Johnston’s voice in combination with the lyrics and the “everything is going to be okay” theme.

Zoë’s voice over the trance elements of the track allow for a juxtaposition that makes you want to move a little bit while also enticing you to listen. The faster and harder elements at the beginning of the track grab and hold your attention long enough to bring you to the breakdown, which is the star of the track. The slow and gentle breakdown truly show Above & Beyond’s masterful handle on the trance genre and the ability to remind you to take a deep, long breathe.

As Johnston gently and emotionally sings that, “it will be only a matter of time, before your life comes through for you,” you feel as if your brain and your soul finally understand the notion of just breathing. It’s at that moment, with those lyrics, that you can finally feel your body lose just a little bit of tension, and your mind quiet just enough to think straight again.

In my opinion, the back half of “Peace of Mind” is brilliant and it’s what makes this track such a good stress killer. The quiet breakdown and soft melody allows for that quiet break in your thought and allows you to truly feel the happiness of the music when the track builds up. When the drop and the main melody kicks back in your mouth automatically wants to smile and your body wants to freely move. Once you hear the addition of the keys, it’s like your brain has truly de-stressed, even just in that moment.

“Peace of Mind” is one of those tracks that grabs you by the arm and demands you to listen at the beginning, while making you thankful you paid attention to it, by the end. Above & Beyond truly nailed the message of “it will all be okay in the end,” with this track. It’s a message that we often forget when bombarded with work, school, life, or any combination.

I’m super interested to hear what you guys immediately put on when you’re stressed out, so let me know in the comments

À la prochaine,


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