For confidence

As I’ve said before on this blog, I have a self-proclaimed random collection of music on my iTunes, but from time to time there are certain top 40 tracks that just fit SO well for certain moods that I just can’t ignore them. One of these moods is the “feeling yourself and feeling good”, uber confident mood.

For those days when you feel so good you want to just sing and dance around your room I present to you “Lush Life” by the Swedish angel Zara Larsson.

I’m the first to admit that this song is completely different from my other posts, and that not everyone can relate to it. This song works too well for me, for when I’m just feeling it, to not share and write about.

From the very beginning, the beat draws you and makes you want to dance; it’s confident and catchy enough to make you shake your head. Once the chorus comes in and that tropical, funky melody is brought to your ears, you’re pretty much in it for the long haul. It’s a beat that literally makes you want to clap along with it while dancing in the sassiest way possible. The fact that the entirety of the song’s melody and beat is light and playful just amplifies that it’s a catchy song that is easily digestible and won’t take too much thinking to enjoy. It’s a song you just feel.

What really solidifies this as a feeling confident song is Zara’s vocals combined with the lyrics of the song itself. Zara figures out a way to sing the lyrics with a light, but confident tone that makes you feel like she’s one of your girls and you’ve just finished getting everything off your chest. The lyrics themselves are like a friend telling you, “who cares, you are the best thing and that stuff is nothing”. It definitely helps that the theme of the song is being able to brush off feelings as quick as you catch them because life’s too short to dwell on something that might not be forever.

Once you accept the fact that “Lush Life” is pure pop with not as much substance as other songs, it becomes addictive and something you find yourself humming while dancing like a fool. It’s these kind of tracks that just add to that good feeling you get when your confidence is at a high and your brain is really accepting of how badass you really are.

Do you find “Lush Life” sassy and confident enough for you, or do you prefer a harder track from someone like Rihanna? Let me know below!

À la prochaine,


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