For bedtime + feeling sleepy

To start, I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. Everything with school is starting to get crazy and I had to balance that with starting a new job so just bear with me over the next week or so!

This next post was actually an idea given to me by one of my friends (thanks Tim!) and I’ll admit it was a mood I hadn’t initially thought I would write about, but I’m glad I am. I, personally, have lost the ability to be a good sleeper over the years, and I’m not quite sure why. It might be my anxiety and inability to stop overthinking, or it might be the fact that my cats are assholes and enjoy being fed in the wee hours of the morning. Either way, there are times when I find myself turning to music to help me drift off to sleep land. For today, I’m going to share with you an adorable and calming remix of a classic track.

Please welcome, Four Tet’s magical remix of the Coldplay classic “Fix You”.

While “Fix You” on its own is a fantastic track for falling asleep to, I believe that the sprinklings of Four Tet throughout the track have made it that much better. The opening chords are reminiscent of the old, simplistic music boxes that many people had as children, which automatically brings up the warmest feelings of comfort. From there, we hear Chris Martin’s soothing vocals seemingly dancing with the simple melody and quietly electronic elements.

The stripped down feeling of this remix makes it an easy track for your brain to digest; it doesn’t make you work too hard to reach a place of appreciation and happiness. This is a track that brings you to a place of happy memories and stillness. It wants you to feel comfortable and safe while being hugged by your bed and warmed by your blankets. Throughout the entirety of the remix, there is a lack of loud or complicated musical elements, which helps balance the constant, loud flow of thoughts that can happen in your mind at night.

Even at the climax of “Fix You”, Four Tet doesn’t make it seem like you’re reaching the grand finale, but more like you’re finally reaching the ultimate place of relaxation. The melody only slightly intensifies while Martin’s vocals remain quiet and calming. There is never a rushed or excited feeling brought up by this track, which can sometimes be the downfall of some tracks, but is the opposite in this case. At the climax, it feels like Coldplay is just finishing tucking you in and singing you your bed time song. It’s a feeling that helps your mind quiet and your body truly let go, ultimately allowing you to finally get that sleep that you are so deserving of.

Are you like me and sometimes to music to help you sleep or can you only sleep in dead silence? Sound off down below!

À la prochaine,



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