For nostalgia

Whether it’s because this year is coming to a close or because I just got home from seeing the phenomenal “La La Land” (which I would strongly suggest going to see), I’ve realized that I wanted to write a post about feeling nostalgic; whether it be a happy or sad nostalgia.

For today, I’ll be taking right from the film and talking about “City of Stars [Humming]” by Justin Hurwitz featuring the lovely Emma Stone.

From the beginning, we are softly swept into a blissful land of deep thoughts thanks to the acoustic guitar and Stone’s humming. The simplicity of the song quickly allows you to get lost in your own thoughts, be it positive or negative. It gives you the choice to daydream about what you’ve done and experienced or what you want to accomplish. The humming version of the song has a sense of warmth and ease, most likely thanks to the fact that there are only two major components in its entirety.

Listening through the first time, you can’t help but let your head tilt ever so slightly to the side while breathing a slow sigh of relief you didn’t know you needed to let go of. The second time you listen to it, you slowly catch yourself falling deeper and deeper into thoughts, catching onto a past feeling and holding it tight. I’ll be honest in saying that this song, and all of its versions, is my favourite from the movie soundtrack mostly due to the fact that it’s something you can listen to again and again and eventually turns into a pseudo-lullaby.

My biggest takeaway from this song is much like my biggest takeaway from the film; sometimes you don’t have to rely so much on your brain as you do on your heart. Sometimes it’s okay to just let yourself feel first and understand the emotions later. We often keep ourselves from feeling and remembering the things of the past, but doing that is important because we should always acknowledge the things that have helped make us into who we are today.

While I’m sure there’s many more things I could write about and many more feelings I could express, I’m going to keep this post short and enjoy the feeling you get after seeing an amazing movie.

If you have a favourite song that makes you nostalgic leave it down below!

Hopefully everyone had an amazing Christmas and has a wonderful new year.

À la prochaine,



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