For happiness

Two weekends ago, I finally allowed myself to do something that wasn’t my internship, work, or working out; I got to witness Joris Voorn’s set at Igloofest in Montreal and it was one of those DJ sets that remind you to turn off your brain for a minute and just enjoy.

The track that stood out the most to me was the one I’ll be writing about today, mostly because of how much happiness and enjoyment I got out of hear it. Bear with me, as this is an unreleased ID so that quality isn’t 10/10 but tonight, I give to you “Ryo” by Mr. Joris Voorn.

What makes this track such a good happiness track is what makes Joris such a talented DJ. Both things have this ability to grab your attention from the very first moment you hear them. With “Ryo”, it’s a track that immediately grabs the rhythm inside your body and demands that it be let free. The beat is infectious and is one that makes you want to close your eyes and dance, or at least sway.

Once Joris introduces the chord sounding element into the track, it’s game over and any resistance to loving this track is futile. What makes “Ryo” special is that it comes off as a very effortless track; you effortlessly fall in love with it and it effortlessly finds its way into your daily music rotation.

I will admit that this track might have found itself in the happiness category because of the environment that I first heard it in, but I am confident that you can get that sense of enjoyment and fun from it no matter where you hear it.

Another element of the track that lends itself to that “warm and fuzzy feeling” is how it makes you think of somewhere warm and tropical. When I heard Joris play it at Igloofest (which is an outdoor festival, by the way), I immediately forgot about any feeling of cold in my body and just felt like I could dance because it felt almost like I was on a beach or at a cantina, loving my life.

While I know that not everyone is a fan of progressive electronic music or house, I have a feeling that this is one of those tracks that can easily be digested and enjoyed by people with varying music tastes. “Ryo” is simply one of those tracks that reminds you that music is beautiful and that it can change our moods, for better or worse, by simply letting ourselves fully enjoy it; without thinking or worrying about anything else.

If you are an electronic music fan I would urge you to go and check out Igloofest for at least ONE set. Grab your friends, your warmest onesie and make the quick trip down to Montreal to experience some quality music in a unique environment.

Have you heard any tracks that have immediately stuck with you? Write them in the comments below!

À la prochaine,



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