Hi guys, allow me to introduce myself! The name is Kaylene and I’m an Ottawa based music addict who is here to try and give her honest opinions about music (of almost all genres), while also helping you build a playlist for whatever mood or activity you might find yourself in.

To give some more in depth background, I’ve worked with three different music promotion companies here in Ottawa. One that focused on trance and brought DJs such as Fisherman & Hawkins and Jordan Suckley. Another focused on mostly bass music and had the likes of Dieselboy and Candyland. Finally, the most recent company I’ve worked with focuses on techno and tech-house, with amazing bookings like Eli & Fur, Miss Melera, and Carlo Lio.

When it comes to my every day listening, it purely depends on my mood…which is another reason why I started this blog. If there’s one thing I’ve acquired knowledge about since I was a kid, it’s music, so I figured why not find a way to get my opinion out there while also building my personal brand.

Sometime in the (hopefully near) future, you’ll see my name in the world of music, but on the public relations side of things. My goal is to experience as much of the entertainment realm as possible and always gain perspectives on the music industry while growing myself as a person.

If you have any suggestions for things I should review or talk about, I’m all ears, just shoot me a quick message or leave a comment on any post!