For contemplating

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that springboards you into a pool of your own thoughts? That makes you really consider the various aspects of your life, and not necessarily negatively? Have you ever been in the middle of a long drive and found yourself watching the blurry scenery pass by while feeling …

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For frustration

Frustration. Something everyone's dealt with thanks to fights with people, a bad day at work or school, or any other combination of difficult situations. It's these moments that can leave you with pent up energy, feeling like you need to do something to be able to calm down. Instead of getting into an unnecessary argument with …

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For anxiety + feeling overwhelmed

Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and stressed; three things that people often feel, multiple times throughout their life. These are  things that I know, for certain, my classmates and I have been feeling lately thanks to trying to balance assignments, group work, actual work, social lives, and a somewhat functioning sleep schedule. This is why I figured, …

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